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July 2021: promoted to Tenured Associate Professor @Howard University College of Medicine

March 2021: Webinar/Host: NEXTCLINIC IVF Zentren Prof Zech – Bregenz, Austria. MedImpulse: Title ‚Cardiopharyngeal Syndromes in Humans - Syndrome in Anbetracht der Entwicklungsgeschichte von Herz- und Kopfmuskulatur‘ 

February 2021: Ziermann JM. ‘Fascinating insights into head muscle development and evolution in vertebrates’. Keynote speaker at Simposio Brasileiro de Morfologia Comparada de Vertebrados, University of Brasilia, Brazil. Online Event. 



August 2020: While preparing for a fully online teaching semester, I submitted my tenure package (Aug 3, 2020). The set up of the NSF grant to study Gbx2 hypomorph mice and their head and heart development is done. Now we have to figure out how to move the mice into HUCM- but COVID-19 slows everything down. Better safe than sorry. 

July 2020: Kristen McPike successfully defended her Master thesis! Congratulations! She will continue in my Lab as PhD Student. 

July 2020: NSF HBCU-EiR Grant Awarded:;

IVF Talk March 19.jpg

2019-11-30: I will be one of the keynote speakers at the 'Simpósio de Morfologia Comparada de Vertebrados' in Brasilia, Brazil, in May 2019: > POSTPONED DUE TO COVID-19 > done Feb 2021

Palestra Principal Simposio Morfologia

2019-4-29: Talk in Belem, Brazil


2019-4-24: Talk in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil


2019-1-3: I'm now on the Advisory board of the Zoologischer Anzeiger: 


2018-8-31: Finished measuring my new Lab > Update Aug 17, 2020. Never got the lab. > Update Nov 2020: got another lab (4th in 8 years, let's hope it stays with me now for a while)

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